Landscapes Around Commercial Pools

Ideas for Landscapes Around Commercial Pools

by | Feb 23, 2024

In northern NJ, pools are increasing home values by as much as $100,000. Beyond swimming, effective landscaping transforms these areas into valuable extensions of living spaces. Integrating free-form pools with natural surroundings and using quality materials for walkways and seating can turn your pool area into either a tranquil retreat or a vibrant entertainment spot.

Key Takeaways

  • The demand for pools has surged during the pandemic and can significantly increase a property’s value.
  • Landscaping and hardscaping are crucial elements in designing attractive and functional landscapes around commercial pools.
  • Creating a balance between the pool size and style with the existing landscape leads to a harmonious setting.
  • The choice of pool surround materials impacts the ambiance, safety, and maintenance cost of a pool area.
  • Add-ons like seating areas, shaded spots, and walkways can transform a pool area into a serene retreat or an entertainment hub.

Enhancing Commercial Pools with Bespoke Landscape Design

Commercial pools, particularly those designed for maximum luxury and appeal, extend far beyond the simple idea of a swimming zone. By carefully integrating these pools into the existing environment through expert landscaping, these sites are transformed into cohesive, inviting experiences. Choosing the right professional landscaping services for pools will enable you to create a pool garden that is both functional and visually stunning. Come with us as we explore the best practices for commercial pool garden creation, pool perimeter landscaping, and the right selection of pool area plants.

Incorporating Top Landscaping Features for Pools

Designing an elegant and aesthetic commercial pool garden often involves using specific elements, such as trees and shrubs, which can effectively block views and sound. Working with elements of the surrounding environment is a key aspect of landscape design, and the goal is to introduce noteworthy features that reduce maintenance and offer some form of privacy. Unique pool features like infinity edges, breathtaking waterfalls, custom lighting, and even swim-up bars can be used to elevate the overall experience and charm of the pool. On the other hand, pool perimeter landscaping around the pool contributes to a quiet, resort-like ambiance that aligns harmoniously with the environment.

Understanding Pool Landscape Integration

Understanding the given space and choosing the right materials for the job is crucial in any landscaping project. Equally important is the ability to imbibe key principles of landscape design into the overall project. These principles, including rhythm, proportion, and color, contribute significantly to the creation of symmetrical and visually appealing commercial pools. Safety and easy accessibility are other critical factors that must always be considered when designing commercial pools. With careful thought and appropriate design, it is entirely possible to cultivate an enchanting yet secure pool setting that offers maximum privacy and requires minimal maintenance.

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Maximizing Aesthetics and Functionality with Expert Design

A seamless incorporation of natural elements into the pool area creates an extraordinary pool environment that can stand out for its entire pool area plant selection and blend perfectly with modern or contemporary building designs. Carefully selected pool area plants and other elements further enhance the overall visual pleasure and symmetry around the pool, emphasizing the beauty of nature and the luxury of well-thought-out design. To conclude, investing in professional landscaping services for pools is a decision that can significantly boost the attractiveness and utility of any commercial pool garden. With the right approach, expertise, and creative vision, your commercial pool garden could well be the next talk of the town.

Landscapes Around Commercial Pools: A Blend of Beauty and Practicality

In the realm of commercial pool landscape design, merging the visual appeal of the aquatic area with the architectural style of the property plays a pivotal role in enhancing the overall aesthetic. The careful and intentional selection of plant species reinforces this synergy, creating an environment that harmoniously complements the inherent characteristics of concrete pools. One key strategy applied in poolside landscaping is the strategic inclusion of tropical plants. These variants impart a lush, tropical feel to the pool area and have the added advantage of being deer-resistant and resilient, thriving well in the local climate. This careful merge of beauty and practicality turns an ordinary pool into a personal resort.

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Landscape architects lean heavily on their expertise in material and specimen selection to ensure that the pool area remains vibrant across the changing seasons. Professional planting and installation services complement this, guaranteeing the landscape design’s durability and splendor. The consequential space that emerges not only radiates beauty but also serves its intended purpose throughout the year, effortlessly aligning with the existing architecture to create a seamless and picturesque outdoor area that truly embodies pool deck landscaping.

Pros Cons
Poolside Landscaping Improves the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the pool area Requires expert knowledge and ongoing maintenance
Commercial Pool Landscape Design Boosts the property’s value and adds a personal resort-like feel Requires significant initial investment
Pool Deck Landscaping It makes the overall space more inviting and cohesive Needs careful material selection for long-term durability

Essentially, landscaping services for pools aid in tying together all elements of poolside beauty and practicality, ultimately enhancing the pool experience on commercial properties.


The importance of professional landscaping services in designing captivating and functional landscapes around commercial pools is unequivocal. These services breathe life into the aesthetic vision for the pool area and ensure the practical aspects are well taken care of. A pool is more than just a water body; it’s an extension of the residence, reflecting its style and ethos.

The Role of Professional Landscaping Services in Pool Design

Specialists from reputable companies like Tapestry Landscape Architecture and Scenic Landscaping play a critical role in guiding clients to a selection of poolside landscaping beauties that flourish throughout the year. These experts ensure that the elements of nature harmoniously blend with the pool design, creating a touch of the exotic coupled with all the comforts of a private, luxurious space.

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Creating Harmony Between Architecture and Nature

For us, creating a perfect balance between architecture and nature is a top priority. We believe in delivering designs that are not only visually appealing but also in sync with the natural elements. By incorporating features like palms poolside, the existing architecture is enhanced with a vibrant Caribbean touch, reinforcing the notion that pools are indeed commercial gardens in their own right.

Ensuring Long-Term Satisfaction with Quality Landscape Solutions

We understand that the satisfaction factor extends much beyond the initial installation. This is why we aim to create evergreen retreats that continue to enrich and delight. A well-planned pool perimeter landscaping can evolve into an inviting spot for relaxation and entertainment, its beauty growing with each passing season. We take pride in our ability to offer enduring landscape solutions that serve the aesthetic and functional needs of our clients, ensuring that the charm of their pool areas only intensifies with time.


What factors contribute to attractive and functional landscapes around commercial pools?

Some of the key factors that contribute to attractive and functional landscapes around commercial pools include a harmonious balance between the pool’s style and the existing landscape, pool surround materials that influence the ambiance and maintenance cost, and additional embellishments such as comfortable seating areas, shaded spots, and aesthetic walkways.

How can commercial pool landscapes be enhanced with bespoke design?

Expert landscaping services and customized designs can significantly improve the aesthetics and functionality of commercial pool landscapes. By incorporating top landscaping features such as infinity edges, waterfalls, custom lighting, and even swim-up bars, one can create a unique, resort-like feel. It’s also crucial to ensure that the architecture and nature are in perfect harmony to ensure long-term satisfaction.

How does pool landscape integration work?

Pool landscape integration aims to blend the aquatic area with the property’s architectural style. The choice of plant species and other landscape elements is intended to create an environment that complements the pool’s characteristics, enhancing the overall aesthetics and making it feel like a personal resort.

What role do professional landscaping services play in pool design?

Professional landscaping services are crucial in creating a compelling pool landscape design. These specialists guide clients to make selections that flourish and adorn the poolside, ensuring that the design is both aesthetic and practical. With their expertise, clients can witness their visions come to life, extending the satisfaction of the space beyond the initial installation.

How are architecture and nature harmonized in pool design?

Harmony between architecture and nature is achieved by ensuring that the pool landscape design binds the aquatic area with the property’s architectural style. Also, the landscape architect’s knowledge of material and specimen selection ensures a seamless and picturesque outdoor space that remains vibrant throughout the seasons.

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